The Secret

We Have Located The Fountain Of Youth!

Exercise is  the fountain of youth - there are no gimmicks, or secret pills. It’s just good old fashioned hard work and discipline. Daily activity is the way to keep your body healthy and fit. Here is a short list of some of the benefits of exercise:

  1. Decreased blood pressure - called post exercise hypotension
  2. Increased insulin sensitivity - as effective as diabetes medication
  3. Decreased heart rate - your heart is a muscle and if you train it it becomes more efficient at pumping blood
  4. Increased arterial and venous compliance - softer arteries and veins
  5. Increased capillarization - your body will grow NEW capillaries in response to exercise
  6. Increased HDL and decreased LDL cholesterol
  7. Growth of new muscle tissue - muscle protein synthesis
  8. Increased bone density - Wolfs law
  9. Increased energy - exercise is a depression buster and mood lifter
  10. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and death

This is only a top ten - the complete list goes on and on. Bottom line here is that we are built to move. Simply start with 30 minutes of walking each day and you will benefit from the list above. If you want to take things to the next level come into the gym and let us show you what a CrossFit workout can do for you!

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