At CrossFit Rebuild we are laser-focused on preventing and resolving injury, tissue and movement dysfunction. CrossFit Rebuild is home to Eric Wood-Salomon M.Sc Physiotherapy and founder of PhysioFitness Cambridge.

Eric’s progressive therapeutic model combines strength and conditioning work with manual therapy to achieve superior athletic and functional outcomes for his clients.

Whether recovering from an athletic injury or dealing with a chronic health condition, our clients can expect to recover more quickly, attain greater health, and learn to effectively prevent and manage future musculoskeletal disorders.

Physiotherapy Consultations:

Our physiotherapy consultations take place at CrossFit Rebuild. During the initial assessment our experienced team of physiotherapists (all CrossFit athletes themselves) will focus on your current musculoskeletal dysfunction and performance limitations through a detailed assessment. This assessment will establish a comprehensive plan of action to:

1) Eliminate pain and achieve full range of motion
2) Train joint and spine-sparing position and movement patterns
3) Build strength and cardiovascular conditioning within the framework of principles 1 and 2
4) Address specific lifts/movements you are struggling with